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Austin's Professional Bat Services is a family business that's dedicated to providing nonlethal bat removal services in Davenport & Bettendorf, IA, Moline & Rock Island, IL, and the Quad Cities area. The owner's father started the business after racking up ten years of experience. Our current owner now has more than five years of bat removal experience, too.

We not only remove bats safely and humanely, we also offer guano removal and cleanup, plus home bat prevention services. Get in touch with us today for your free bat removal estimate.

When you schedule professional bat removal services, you want to be sure that the problem won't return. We offer a seven-year warranty to put your mind at ease. Reach out to us today to take advantage of our ironclad bat removal warranty!

Call 563-370-6203 now for bat removal services in Davenport & Bettendorf, IA, Moline & Rock Island, IL, and the Quad Cities area.

Our three-step bat removal process

If you're facing a bat infestation, you can trust Austin's Professional Bat Services to alleviate the problem and prevent it from occurring again. Here's our three-step bat removal solution:

Investigate and locate:

Investigate and locate:

If you suspect you have a bat issue, we'll come to your home to check out the problem and give you a free estimate on our removal service.

Naturally remove the bats:

Naturally remove the bats:

If you find a bat in your house, it's usually a sign of a bigger problem. We recommend noninvasive bat exclusion, which involves installing a barrier that allows the bat to fly out and prevents it from getting back in.

Clean up guano:

Clean up guano:

Bat feces cleanup is a very important step for preventing the spread of disease. If you have an infestation in the attic, we'll disinfect and reinsulate it after the bat removal is completed.

Did you know that bats are federally protected and cannot be legally exterminated? That's why we remove them naturally. Using humane bat removal processes, Austin's Professional Bat Services keeps your home safe without endangering wildlife. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate on your bat pest control services in the Moline or Rock Island, IL, Davenport or Bettendorf, IA areas and beyond.

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